• BMW K1200RS, 2004/2005 Model
  • 6 speed, 1200cc
  • 15,000 miles at purchase
  • Mine Sep 9 2011-

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Notable Trips

9 days; SF, Vegas, Joshua Tree, back Nov 2011
Pinnacles East Feb 2012
3 days; Yosemite Tuolumne Meadows + hike to base camp July 2012
3 days; Belmont to Groveland to Oakdale; 49 to Ebbett's Pass to Woodford; back via Ebbett's pass to Belmont July 2013


Replace fuel-line quick-links (BM) ?? Aug 2011
Replace battery (BM) ?? Sep 2011
Purchased Sep 201115k
"12k" and annual service $950Oct 201116k
New tires, Michelen Pilot Road II $400Oct 201116k
Repair puncture w/tube $20Oct 201117k
Inspect clutch issue FreeOct 201118k
"6k" service (oil, filter, insp) and new headlight $300Dec 201121k
Smoothness notabely improved from 6k service!
Clutch problems have magically vanished!
Brake service (grinding due to pitted rear rotor) and "24k" service incl. annual and full tune up w/ valves $1330Jan 201326k
Smoothness improved from 24k service; brake issue gone
Replaced left side hard case due to disintegration $225Feb 2013
New tires, Michelen Pilot Road II $425July 201328k
Brake squawk: hot day after 10 minute ride; stop + restart, fast flash on brake indicator with "Alert" warning light, manual brakes only. Repeated restarts result in no change. Resting the bike for two days did restore the bike to normal startup behavior and brake power on low-speed test. (no ride since.) May 201432k
Annual/6k: final drive, transmission, brake, clutch, oil, coolant flush; insp. for faults. No brake anomaly. Notchy feeling in transmission resolved. TPS noted to be slightly out of expected reading, but no fault reported. $524Aug 201435478

Planned Enhancements


You can let me know what you think about my motorcycle.