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Place: Burnaby, BC, Canada. A suburb of Vancouver.
Time: 11:50 pm Friday, 18th May 2001.

Two friends and I where picking up a DVD from a local video store. Naturally we were in my car. Time approx. 11:50pm Friday night. We pulled up to a red light (location 1), and a Mustang with four guys and a girl pulls up next to me, on the right. This is a one lane road, and they weren't turning. So they wanted a race.. which I'm not up to. I mean, my car is peppy and all, but a loaded Mustang vs a loaded Volkswagen, I'm sorry, there's no competition. So he took off ahead, but I was annoyed because I don't like people pulling up next to me when there is only one lane, and he ran the red light. So I flicked on my high beams. I guess the driver didn't like that much, because at the next light (location 2), he stopped before the light, kinda swerving back and forth to prevent me from passing. I wanted to turn right, but he was in my way. Next thing I know, he gets out of his car and is yelling stuff at me.

I decide I'd rather not get in a fight, so I gun into the oncoming lane (no traffic) and pass around him, turning right onto the road in front of him. Well, the driver gets back in the Mustang and guns after me, flashing his lights (which are pathetic, and I could ignore them easily). We are close to home, but with this nut on my tail I decide going home wasn't a great idea. So I swerved sharply onto a side road (narrowly missing a van that was turning). The Mustang did the same. Well, if I had any smarts around me, I would have driven to the closest busy street, but by this time the adrenaline was flowing fast, and I wasn't doing much thinking.

So I thought perhaps I should try to outdrive him and swerved onto another road. Mental note: When chasing someone, you have the advantage of preparing for a turn. My Fox handled marvellously, however, and stuck to the road. The Mustang gave chase down the road. I swerved onto another road, and then an alley (location 3). The next thing I see, there are some Prelude headlights in my rear-view. As I pull out of the alley, the Prelude surges ahead and one of my friends noticed that they have radios.

So with the Prelude and the Mustang playing tag team, we squealed through the suburban street. The Prelude driver was really good, and I have to say that Prelude really did perform well. He did manage to get ahead of me a couple times (mainly because I was focussing on not hitting parked cars and finding a way out), and the Mustang would then try to trap me between them. I wasn't into that, I always managed to find a way out. They tried a few different tactics. At one point the Mustang almost t-boned me as the Prelude stopped in front of me, and I swerved around him, the Mustang was trying to trap me on the driver's side.. so I hear squealing tires as the Mustang comes up to my door.. I gunned it and got out of the way.

Most of these roads have lots of parked cars, but the blocks are short, so trapping me might have been hard unless they were well practised. The tag team was quickly learning so I was getting a bit frantic about getting out of this mess. At that point, during one of my evasions, I pulled into a cul-de-sac (location 4, dead end). Oops.

The cul-de-sac had an concrete island at the end. As I pulled into the cul-de-sac the Prelude pulled in behind me. I went around the island clockwise, and the Prelude went around counter clockwise. We stopped nose-to-nose. I checked behind me and didn't see the Mustang, so I slammed it into reverse as one of the Prelude guys got out and started running for my car. Just as I came to a stop and shifted into first, the Prelude guy started going crazy on my car (location 5). He kicked the driver's door and punched the window. Didn't do any damage though.. I hope he has one hell of a bruise.

As I peeled down the cul-de-sac to get out, a guy appeared from the bushes with what appeared to be a large piece of fibreglass or possibly a sheet of styrofoam (location 6). Not sure.. he threw it at the car and missed. Just then the Mustang appeared at the end of the cul-de-sac, moving like he was trying to cut us off. He turned across the road, but I maneuvered onto the sidewalk and got around him.

We wasted no time getting the hell outta there.

The entire thing was just like out of some action movie. Dodge, squeal, gas, dodge, squeal, etc. I had a box of CDs on the ledge above the back seats.. the CDs were just flying everywhere, so much so that my friend in the back got struck a few times by flying CDs. The Fox was amazing.. makes me happy that I did all that stupid trick driving back in highschool. I'm also glad they didn't manage to trap us in, otherwise this would be a different story. I don't fancy my chances much when the odds are 6-to-3. (7 if you count the girl..)