My Ninja

  • Kawasaki Ninja 250 (EX-250R) 2002 model
  • 6 speed, 250cc
  • 27,000 miles
  • Mine Feb 2011-Sep 2011

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Ben's Ninja


Repair missing rear cluster bolts $10 Feb 2011
Replaced rear fairing (badly cracked). Replacement piece is chosen to be bright green to give the bike some colour! Need to revisit stark contrast line between seat and faring. $250Mar 2011
Rear tire replaced $180Mar 2011
Chain tension adjustment $20 April 2011
Spark plug change $20 April 2011
Note engine "scream" like fingernails on chalkboard, twice in 2 daysApril 2011
Oil change $20 April 2011
Valve Adjustment - big gain in smoothness and power!$200April 2011
Coolant change - complementary with valve adjustment$0 April 2011
Scream not heard since last round of service. April 2011
Replace drive train - front & rear sprockets and chain.$150June 201128k
Bike has developed slightly annoying running-out-of-gas-"ghost" that goes away if I keep the tank between 1/3 and 2/3 full.July 2011
Front tire replaced $180July 201129k
Transferred to my wife Sep 201131k
Sold! April 201232k