My FunWheel: A OneWheel work-alike

During COVID-19 quarantine in 2020 I decided to build myself a one-wheeled skateboard, aka self-balancing scooter, aka funwheel. The machine itself is not my ultimate goal, it is only one step towards my goal, which I will not reveal here. When I started, I had no CAD skill, and no desire to overcome what I felt was a large learning curve to get that CAD skill. Instead, I wanted to hone the ability to build a working electric powered personal transporation machine, and a funwheel seemed like a great way to do that. It was! Objective achieved! Would I do it twice like this? Overall yes, in detail probably not. If there's one thing I would do differently, it would be to have a motor mount that attaches to the frame, rather than mounting the motor right into the frame. The second is that as a follow-up to building the machine, I decided it would be a good idea to learn CAD after all, and so I retroactively modeled my build using Autodesk Fusion 360.

The result has been a very ridable, very fun machine. Here is a video of me riding it. It weighs 10.7kg/23lbs and I get about 20Wh/km, or 32Wh/mi. It isn't as capable as I want yet, but with some motor tuning and an additional voltage boost (up to 14s/50.4V) it should get there. Currently speed is not an issue, I am easily attaining 20mp/h (30km/h) on flat ground. Steep hills are a challenge when the battery is below 40% because of a low-voltage glitch that causes motor ticks; this is not a real issue for general ridability. Additional enhancements will round out the board's usability:

  1. An integrated BMS, so I can stop opening the lids every time I want to charge the batteries.
  2. Bumpers.
  3. A reliable on/off switch. Currently I'm using a power cut pull-key to disable the board reliably.
  4. Oh yeah, and footpads!

workbench view


profile view

plan viwe


Rendering errata

Frame details

Motor details

From PHUB188 vendor page, with annotations.

PHUB188 power chart

Wrench holding axle

Battery details

Motor controller settings

There is a spreadsheet with various tuning options. * VESC Tool & firmware: 2.06

Fang Wheel

The fang wheel is not as depicted. Instead, I found this wheel at the local home depot, named a "Richelieu Hardware 1-9/16 in. 20 kg General-Duty Rubber Rigid Casters":

Richelieu Hardware Link

Home Depot Link

Blacks Richelieu Caster

Caliper showing 2"


rendering showing the machine on a cobblestone plaza

Actual build

CAD Files


I'm happy to talk about my project. Hit me up at !

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