These gobans are made to be printed on letter paper and are sized for use with, for lack of a better term, ``dollar store'' go stones. The stones I am referrering to are often found in the fish tank equipment or artistic beads sections of dollar stores. These stones are cheap glass beads with one flat side, and are 13-15% smaller (diameter) than regulation sized stones.

Thus, the boards below are smaller (13% for the 9x9 and 13x13 boards, 15% for the 19x19 boards) than regulation size boards. If you wish for a full sized board, grab the dia file, load dia, and set the printing scale to 100%. These are made for printing onto US Letter (8.5"x11") sized paper.

Size Format Sheets of paper required
9x9 PostScript PDF dia 1
13x13 PostScript PDF dia 2
19x19 PostScript PDF dia 4


Ben Damm